New version of the Blender exporter released - v 0.54

This is an important release that fixes some serious bugs that went untested.  There is now more robust cleanup in case of errors during an export so that you don't get any garbbled data and t

New version of the Blender exporter released - v 0.53

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give a quick update that there is now a new version of the Blender exporter that is available from the art exporters page: http://www.wildpockets.com/artexporterdownlo

New Pocket Gallery is Go!

Recently we launched our new gallery system for wild pockets.  With the new gallery its easier than ever to publish your game and models directly to the web from your 3D Modeling program or th

Are there any possibilities for a CINEMA 4D exporter?

Just out of curiosity...

Are there any possibilities for a CINEMA 4D exporter?

Or should it's own exporters (to Maya, 3ds, etc.) do the job?


Blender Exporter Coming Soon - Beta Testers Needed

Hi Everyone!  I'm Jonathan, working here at the Wild Pockets San Francisco office and I wanted to give you a little peek into something coming down the pipes that is long overdue - a Blender exporter! 
One of the great things about Wild Pockets is that it's free (and always has been.)  The browser plugin is free, the builder is free, the scripting language is free, the physics engine is free, the art tools are...oh wait!  Right now in order to build your own art assets and put them into Wild Pockets you need the Maya or 3DS Max software and they cost thousands of dollars!  They're the

Bugs during the game jam

So, what's the prize? Alex, where's my beer?
I'll be happy with one of those drives.

3ds max exporter crash on thumbnail generation (3ds file sent to josh)
3ds max exporter bug when setting the center of mass, the model is compos 1.000000 -0.000000 1.000000 setmass 8.000000 but not applied when the model is loaded
wildpockets plugin crashes if you try to player:particles():setUniformValue( ... ) when player object exist but doesn't have the particle system enabled yet (alex)
wildpockets plugin runtime error (couldn't reproduce)

i keep getting an unhandled exception that kills 3dmax when i use the art exporter

when i use the art exporter from 3dmax, i select what i want to export and when i press the export now button, it asks for my password and then i get an unhandled exception that kills 3dmax.
i've used the exported successfully before in the same exact scene. i just modified a couple of box gizmos.