SceneObject facing/heading in the direction of Mouse

Hi, I want to have an object always facing the mouseXY. Like in SAS Zombie game where the character is always facing the crosshair.

Zoomy Space Ship Game Jam 2010

This is our second time attending, we have progressed in our knowledge and understanding of programming, and feel we did a better job creating a game this year, than we did last year, hope everyone

UI-based Text Input

I would like to make a UI in my game that pops up a text input to gather user input from the user and the processes it in Lua.

Step 4: Firing A Projectile

New Event Map

First, in your onSceneStart function you’ll want to push a new EventMap to capture the user clicking the left mouse button.

Step 2: Camera & Events


The first thing that you'll want to do is to capture the users input so they can interact with your game.

drag & drop

Is there any tutorial for drag and drop of an object with mouse control. If not can some one explain how to do it.



Mouse position


When I use the Mouse.setPosition() I get the Error : the player has not granted permission to use Mouse.setPosition.

What is the problem? I want to position the mouse cursor at a certain point in the screen. How to do it?




The Jokers' Wild - Short Circuit The left mouse is to shoot, while the right mouse pans the camera when pressed down. The objective of the game is to get as many points as possible by shooting the ball through the rings before time runs out. Good Luck! The ending is mouse click controlled. The last page that asks if you would like to play again is also controlled by the mouse.

Light Director Module

Hey everyone,

I've just finished up an alpha prototype of a tool for wildpockets I'm building that I'm calling a "light director" module. Check out the documentation below if you're interested, its very easy to use and is a great way to setup lights in your scene.


Hide Mouse Cursor

For some games the standard mouse cursor doesn't fit into the gameplay experience.  The need to hide the mouse cursor and/or replace it with a more appropriate graphic would be handy and is fairly common among other game development tools like flash, unreal, xna, etc.  Skinning the mouse also adds an extra element of immersion to a game that separates it from the rest of the web.