3D modeling

2d scene object

I want to display some pointing arrows in my game, i can make them 3d, but it would be handy to have a feature that let users display a 2d texture in 3d space.

blender3d exporter

Im doing some models just for testing, so they are very simple and had a low number of vertex. Some models export fine but the last 2 of them result in a very strange result.

Looking for 3D modeler (towers & vehicles)

Hey there,

Wild Pockets 3D Modeling Competition!

Hey guys!

What if we don't have 3DS Max or Maya?

I just found Wild Pockets a little bit ago and am excited to try it out at least, but then I saw where it said you have to use 3DS Max or maya to export your models... Well unfortunatly I don't use either ofthese programs as they are much too expensive. I use other things such as Blender or Carrara to model. Is there anyway I could get models created in other programs into Wild Pockets or am I out of luck?


It would be cool ifyou guys created a standalone application that could pull models you created into wild pockets, no matter where you created them. (Like you would just import the model into the application and make the collision shapes and stuff that way.



Exporting from 3ds max

While exporting models from 3d studio Max, i am not getting the models with colors or textures in wild pockets. How to export the models with textures?



Mesh wireframes and poly counts

There are already showCollision and showBones functions in wildpockets, but it would be really handy if there was also showWireframe and showPolyCount functions for showing off models in a pocket.

showWireframe should show the wireframe of either a specific mesh or all the meshes in the scene.

Maybe instead of a showPolyCount you could have getPolyCount() that would find the poly count so artists could make a togglable poly count gui object for their scenes.

see discussion here:


Bugs during the game jam

So, what's the prize? Alex, where's my beer?
I'll be happy with one of those drives.

3ds max exporter crash on thumbnail generation (3ds file sent to josh)
3ds max exporter bug when setting the center of mass, the model is compos 1.000000 -0.000000 1.000000 setmass 8.000000 but not applied when the model is loaded
wildpockets plugin crashes if you try to player:particles():setUniformValue( ... ) when player object exist but doesn't have the particle system enabled yet (alex)
wildpockets plugin runtime error (couldn't reproduce)

Textures on models

I must be missing something. I have a texture created, it's in my hypershader in Maya, and it's displaying in there. When I export it doesn't show up in wildpockets. The models are white.

How do I attach the texture file to the model in wildpockets?