Control flow

Step 6: Main Loop

Setting up a Main Loop

You may have noticed that the penguins fly off into the distance after a while.

Step 3: Creating Objects

spawnTarget Function

Lets go ahead and add stuff to our scene now.
As a first step lets spawn some targets to shoot at with a new function called spawnTarget.

Embed link not working

Hi, if I want to see my game outside the view page, I got error message:
"Failed to load scene: Scene not available: MyName/MyGameName "

and quite long error description:

Wild Pockets Loader initialized.
Loader configuration read.
Engine '1.4' has been requested.
Querying server for engine details...
Launching engine...
Loader is not running in protected mode; launching engine normally.
Engine launched.
Loader waiting for IPC communication...
Cub one-time late initialization in progress..

i keep getting an unhandled exception that kills 3dmax when i use the art exporter

when i use the art exporter from 3dmax, i select what i want to export and when i press the export now button, it asks for my password and then i get an unhandled exception that kills 3dmax.
i've used the exported successfully before in the same exact scene. i just modified a couple of box gizmos.