Gamer Survey for WildPockets Advertisements

We are South Fayette students who are working in tandem with SimOps to help them answer some of their marketing questions.  We would be eternally grateful if you would take t

New Wild Pockets engine releases

Just letting everyone know, we've released engine 1.4.11 (and engine 1.4.10, which had a subtle bug which was quickly fixed) to support the new website architecture.

THIRD PLACE WINNER: Team Abrams Official Game Jam Submission


Official Team Name: Team Abrams
Official Game Name: Bumper Bash

Team Members:
Anthony Abrams
Shannon Abrams


Game Name: Lava Ball

Team: The Poindexters

- Daniel Bryner (Design, Scripting)
- Bradley Johnson (Scripting)
- Chris Webb (Art)

Objective: Get to the checkered flag at the end of the course.

- Move with WASD (or the arrow keys)
- Make sure you have sound on
- A perfect score is 410 points

Medium size:

Full size:

SECOND PLACE WINNER: Team Animal Official Submission


Aaron lo
Soo Jeong Bae
Heegun Lee
Ivan Ortega
Hua-Wei Sung

is this site still operational?

hi i just registered and i cant load the builder...

I noticed almost no activity on the forums, not a good sign.

What is going on here?


Delete My Account

How can I delete my Wild Pockets Account??

Wildpockets not working in Firefox 6? still? how come?

Hi guys, just wondering if there will be an update for firefox 6+ soon?

Thats my main browser so it's a little annoying to be forced to use the god-awful IE to view my model viewers.

What happened to Wildpockets recently? i.e. website down

Hey guys, just wondering what happened to the site recently.

It was down for weeks with noreal explanation as to why, and to my knowledge, no pre-warning.

Newbie with Wise Guy eye deers

I went a-searching for 3D and Drupal, and lo and behold, I find something like this.