collision with floor

collisions with floor don't trigger a collision handler. Is this intended?

if it is, then how can I check for this collision?


I would like more functions for this class. Casting rays is nice, but sometimes I want to cast cubes, spheres or lines(like rays but not infinite).

Step 5: Collision

Set The Collision Handler

Now we definitely want to have the projectiles that we’re firing interact with the targets.

Collision for characters


I have finished a rigged character in max that I will be animating. My question has to do with collisions and my character. I am wondering if there is a certain way I need to set up the collision of my character in order for collisions to work with those in an environment.

Is it enough to simply encapsulate my character within the collision sphere?

Should the collision be linked to the skeleton in any way?

Thanks for all the help :)