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New version of the Blender exporter released - v 0.55

Some tweaks have been made to the Blender exporter to fix some problems people were having.

Here are the specifics:

New version of the Blender exporter released - v 0.54

This is an important release that fixes some serious bugs that went untested.  There is now more robust cleanup in case of errors during an export so that you don't get any garbbled data and t

New version of the Blender exporter released - v 0.53

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give a quick update that there is now a new version of the Blender exporter that is available from the art exporters page:

Wild Pockets 3D Modeling Competition!

Hey guys!

Chap. 01 - Introduction to Wild Pockets Game Builder

Introduction to Game Development

There are three main disciplines in game development: Art, Design, and Programming.

All Aboard the Wild Pockets Party Bus

Wild Pockets employees have been invited to speak or present at a wide variety of conferences over the past two years.

Wild Pockets was a platform of choice at the 2nd Annual IGDA Global Game Jam

Wild Pockets was recently featured in a Gamasutra article highlighting the use of Wild Pockets to create an interesting game.

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Eric Hardman
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Blender Exporter Coming Soon - Beta Testers Needed
Hi Everyone!  I'm Jonathan, working here at the Wild Pockets San Francisco office and I wanted to give you a little peek into something coming down the pipes that is long overdue - a Blender exporter! 
One of the great things about Wild Pockets is that it's free (and always has been.)  The browser plugin is free, the builder is free, the scripting language is free, the physics engine is free, the art tools are...oh wait!  Right now in order to build your own art assets and put them into Wild Pockets you need the Maya or 3DS Max software and they cost thousands of dollars!  They're the

IGDA Magazine with Indie Games Challenge and Calendar of Events

Thought this might be interesting for some of the indie developers in the Wild Pockets community -

Indie Game Challenge: