simple Hp bar

I made a simple hp bar, you can use it for testing, or even finished games if you think is ok.

how to use it:
first make an object

function new doesn't return the object im creating

function onSceneStart()
    stuff:sayHello() --this prints "im a thing"

Step 4: Firing A Projectile

New Event Map

First, in your onSceneStart function you’ll want to push a new EventMap to capture the user clicking the left mouse button.

Step 2: Camera & Events


The first thing that you'll want to do is to capture the users input so they can interact with your game.

Parenting with Code

I made this example file with a sample of how to parent objects with code instead of using joints or anything.  I decided it might be worth sharing since it took me quite a bit of trial and error to figure out myself when I needed parenting for another project I'm working on.


Left arrow sets the angular velocity on the boxes
a spins the boxes by applying torque
Up arrow sets the velocity on the boxes
w pushes the boxes by applying force
Spacebar resets the boxes

Documentation Functionality

When I'm working with the wildpocket's documentation a few things struck me as peculiar:

I can't search the function list in the editor

This sucks when I want to look up a particular function and I have to guess where in the hierarchy it rests. This can be really time consuming if you're unsure of what a particular function lies under.

the function list exists only in the editor