Wild Pockets Releases Version 1.6.6

Today we released Wild Pockets version 1.6.6 which includes a lot of minor fixes and engine changes.

Chap. 04 - Introduction to Scripting

Note: This chapter is not meant to teach the user how to script with Lua.

Wild Pockets Builder Manual

This manual is about setting up your games and making levels in Wild Pockets. (If you just want to play games, you don't need a manual.

Chap. 01 - Developing Games: Quick Start (v1.6)

Note: This page only applies to WP version 1.6.

About the Development Environment

Step 1: Hello World

Open Script Directory

First, launch the builder.
You will keep all lua files that your game uses in your Script Directory.

My First Game Tutorial

Penguin Shooter Example