Wildpockets not working in Firefox 6? still? how come?

Hi guys, just wondering if there will be an update for firefox 6+ soon?

Thats my main browser so it's a little annoying to be forced to use the god-awful IE to view my model viewers.

Newbie with Wise Guy eye deers

I went a-searching for 3D and Drupal, and lo and behold, I find something like this.

Cost of WildPockets after beta?

Wild Pockets is pretty neat - just wondering what the cost will be after beta? Are we looking more at Unity's pricerange ($$$$) or Panda3d (free!)?

Google Earth as a Level

I was messing around with Google Earth earlier, and I never realized the detail of the models and textures that have gone into big cities like NY.

_init called twice

When I set a script class to a scene object, after calling SceneManager.loadLevel, the _init function of that class is ejecuted 2 times.

how to reproduce:

Digital Darwinism

With engines like Unity3D out there how does Wild Pockets plan on surviving once Unity and it's browser plugin go mainstream?

simple Hp bar

I made a simple hp bar, you can use it for testing, or even finished games if you think is ok.

how to use it:
first make an object

Syntax on referencing functions in imported lua files

Just wondering exactly how I would do this.

graphics card Problem

Wild Pockets Loader initialized.

Loader configuration read.

Engine '1.6' has been requested.

Querying server for engine details...

Launching engine...

SceneObject facing/heading in the direction of Mouse

Hi, I want to have an object always facing the mouseXY. Like in SAS Zombie game where the character is always facing the crosshair.