How do I instance an object class (cube)?

I'm new to this game engine, but not to Lua. So how can I instance a block into my place?

Something like;"Cube").Parent = SceneManager???


simple Hp bar

I made a simple hp bar, you can use it for testing, or even finished games if you think is ok.

how to use it:
first make an object

Syntax on referencing functions in imported lua files

Just wondering exactly how I would do this.

graphics card Problem

Wild Pockets Loader initialized.

Loader configuration read.

Engine '1.6' has been requested.

Querying server for engine details...

Launching engine...

Tester/Builder broken?

I was just working on my project, changing some stuff in my script.

I then wanted to launch a test and I suddenly get this error (still in the Builder debug console!):

Scripting Questions


I've just started creating something here and it kind of works so far.

The one problem I have atm is that all functions are in one file.

UI-based Text Input

I would like to make a UI in my game that pops up a text input to gather user input from the user and the processes it in Lua.

Notes from the workshop

Hello everyone, I would like to personally thank everyone who attended the pre game jam workshop we held the other day at Dogpatch Labs.  During the workshop I showed some existing content f

self is nil in _init function

this happened just today, i think something on the update was changed.

I get this error

"Error: attempt to index local 'self' (a nil value)"

in a _init function.

How To: Wild Pockets Mesh Collision

So say you want to build something like a golf game or off-road racer and need some slick mesh collision for your terrain.  At first glance you'd think you'd be out of luck with wild pockets a