Software engineering

simple Hp bar

I made a simple hp bar, you can use it for testing, or even finished games if you think is ok.

how to use it:
first make an object

Syntax on referencing functions in imported lua files

Just wondering exactly how I would do this.

got the first tutorial to work..the journey begins

I am impressed that this code worked OOB! I only had one small episode with "Local Folder" and "Sync".

Newlines in Fourm

I dont get newlines when I post something in the forum.

(newline here)

Is it just me having this problem? And the code tags don't work either.


Scripting Questions


I've just started creating something here and it kind of works so far.

The one problem I have atm is that all functions are in one file.

Chap. 04 - Introduction to Scripting

Note: This chapter is not meant to teach the user how to script with Lua.

Is it normal that spawnTarget function works once?

Here's the situation:


Chap. 15 - File Management (1.6)

Wild Pockets provides a file server, where all models, textures, scripts, and other assets are stored. Every Wild Pockets account comes with a folder on the file server.

Chap. 16 - Debugging and Tuning in Test Mode (1.6)

The development environment contains a menu item Debug/Begin Test.

Final Code

Complete Code For 'My First Game' Penguin Shooter :