pause animations

well the pause function in my pocket is not complete unless I pause some animations, im depending in some callbacks at the end of animations, so i must pause them.

collision box animation

I'm currently working with animations, and i have to ask. can I animate a collision box/sphere?

graphics card Problem

Wild Pockets Loader initialized.

Loader configuration read.

Engine '1.6' has been requested.

Querying server for engine details...

Launching engine...

Gallery Launch coincide with Modeling/Animation Competition

Once we have a solid gallery system, we should post an art competition(s) in our news, the blog, and the forums.  This will add another incentive for users and also see the gallery/viewer bein

Welcome to the New Wild Pockets Website!

Building a community website isn't much different from building a battleship.  Both have a designed role they must fill, both are built to be in service for a long time, but most of all at a certain point you have to put the thing in the ocean and hope it floats.

maya: can i animate with controls?

Hi WP People,

Got an animation question here... if I'm using Maya to make art and animations, and I create controls in Maya to help animate, will it cause problems once I export to WP? Basically am I stuck animating joints only, or can I use controls too.

Thanks! -PG

The Rocketboy Corps -- First Look!

Here's a scene we put together to show off some of the newest assets and animations. This is our main character with a basic idle animation and some particle effects for the rocketpack. Right now, he's practicing his 'tredding space' move until the real adventure begins.

Rig it with bones?

I want to incorporate some animation into my next portfolio piece but when it says to 'rig it with bones' its quite vague. I'm using 3ds max, so does this mean, link the objects to the bones? or can I use a skin modifier? physique? wire parameters? or all four? Unless I'm missing where it says this in the manual/FAQ I think this should be specified in the documentation.

Thanks a lot