Syntax on referencing functions in imported lua files

Just wondering exactly how I would do this.

Scripting Questions


I've just started creating something here and it kind of works so far.

The one problem I have atm is that all functions are in one file.

Hello everyone...


Chap. 04 - Introduction to Scripting

Note: This chapter is not meant to teach the user how to script with Lua.

Is it normal that spawnTarget function works once?

Here's the situation:


Chap. 15 - File Management (1.6)

Wild Pockets provides a file server, where all models, textures, scripts, and other assets are stored. Every Wild Pockets account comes with a folder on the file server.

Chap. 01 - Developing Games: Quick Start (v1.6)

Note: This page only applies to WP version 1.6.

About the Development Environment

Step 1: Hello World

Open Script Directory

First, launch the builder.
You will keep all lua files that your game uses in your Script Directory.

Working Hard

Hello all,

I'm Ian, one of the developers at Wild Pockets, and I wanted to give you guys a look inside the programming and design of our engine.

Most recently we've been concerned with allowing developers to make money and track their games. The transaction system (cleverly called Pocket Change) was rolled out a little while ago and while it was a pain in the butt to write, it should make our developers lives much easier. Not having to deal with credit cards, record management and information backup is downright useful and we are well aware of how much you appreciate having all of that handled for you.

Script classes

I have the following code in my main script:

function onSceneStart()
    player:setScriptClass("josepvalls/player", "Player")

Then inside ship_player.lua