Computer programming

simple Hp bar

I made a simple hp bar, you can use it for testing, or even finished games if you think is ok.

how to use it:
first make an object

Syntax on referencing functions in imported lua files

Just wondering exactly how I would do this.

Scripting Questions


I've just started creating something here and it kind of works so far.

The one problem I have atm is that all functions are in one file.

Chap. 04 - Introduction to Scripting

Note: This chapter is not meant to teach the user how to script with Lua.

Is it normal that spawnTarget function works once?

Here's the situation:


Chap. 15 - File Management (1.6)

Wild Pockets provides a file server, where all models, textures, scripts, and other assets are stored. Every Wild Pockets account comes with a folder on the file server.

Chap. 01 - Developing Games: Quick Start (v1.6)

Note: This page only applies to WP version 1.6.

About the Development Environment

Step 6: Main Loop

Setting up a Main Loop

You may have noticed that the penguins fly off into the distance after a while.

Step 2: Camera & Events


The first thing that you'll want to do is to capture the users input so they can interact with your game.

Step 1: Hello World

Open Script Directory

First, launch the builder.
You will keep all lua files that your game uses in your Script Directory.