Chap. 21 - Facebook

The Wild Pockets plugin offers functionality to access a players facebook data.

Create a New Facebook Application

Chap. 06 - Permissions and Publishing


Everything you use in your game will be located in the Wild Pockets web server, and because of that everyone can see and use your files (should you allow them to).

Chap. 04 - Introduction to Scripting

Note: This chapter is not meant to teach the user how to script with Lua.

Chap. 03 - Manipulating Assets within the Builder

Note: To perform any operation on an object it must be selected.

Chap. 02 - Managing Assets

  The Server Folder

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  • Chap. 01 - Introduction to Wild Pockets Game Builder

    Introduction to Game Development

    There are three main disciplines in game development: Art, Design, and Programming.

    Wild Pockets Builder Manual

    This manual is about setting up your games and making levels in Wild Pockets. (If you just want to play games, you don't need a manual.

    Final Code

    Complete Code For 'My First Game' Penguin Shooter :


    Step 5: Collision

    Set The Collision Handler

    Now we definitely want to have the projectiles that we’re firing interact with the targets.