Chap. 15 - File Management (1.6)

Wild Pockets provides a file server, where all models, textures, scripts, and other assets are stored. Every Wild Pockets account comes with a folder on the file server.

Chap. 16C --- Version Locking (1.6)

The Potential for Broken Links

Chap. 16B --- Performance Tuning (1.6)

Identify the Cause

Chap. 16A --- The Debugger (1.6)

Starting the Debugger

Chap. 16 - Debugging and Tuning in Test Mode (1.6)

The development environment contains a menu item Debug/Begin Test.

Chap. 01 - Developing Games: Quick Start (v1.6)

Note: This page only applies to WP version 1.6.

About the Development Environment

Wild Pockets API

This file describes the API available to users.

Chap. 21 - Analytics



Wild Pockets provides developers with an analytics page to see how popular your games are. You can access this page from:


Chap. 20 - Engine Versions

Dealing with Incompatible Changes