Gamer Survey for WildPockets Advertisements

We are South Fayette students who are working in tandem with SimOps to help them answer some of their marketing questions.  We would be eternally grateful if you would take t

is this site still operational?

hi i just registered and i cant load the builder...

I noticed almost no activity on the forums, not a good sign.

What is going on here?


Delete My Account

How can I delete my Wild Pockets Account??

Wild Pockets, now Open Source

Thumbnail Image: 

We are excited to announce that now you can download the source code and compile the Wild Pockets Engine for yourself! &nb

Cost of WildPockets after beta?

Wild Pockets is pretty neat - just wondering what the cost will be after beta? Are we looking more at Unity's pricerange ($$$$) or Panda3d (free!)?

Google Earth as a Level

I was messing around with Google Earth earlier, and I never realized the detail of the models and textures that have gone into big cities like NY.

Digital Darwinism

With engines like Unity3D out there how does Wild Pockets plan on surviving once Unity and it's browser plugin go mainstream?

Girl Geeks Dinner Video Online

Last fall, Wild Pockets CEO, Shanna Tellerman was invited to speak at several Girl Geeks events in Leeds and Dundee.  Her presentations were well received and have finally made their way to th

Says: Could not complete drag and drop. you may not have permission to use this access when its mine!?

It is not letting me drag and drop my own creation onto the screen... Help!

Android Viewer?

I'm just throwing that out there.  I don't know how much work that involves so the point could be moot.