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I've just started creating something here and it kind of works so far.

The one problem I have atm is that all functions are in one file.

Step 3: Creating Objects

spawnTarget Function

Lets go ahead and add stuff to our scene now.
As a first step lets spawn some targets to shoot at with a new function called spawnTarget.

Complexity behind the curtain

Hey guys, this is Ian from the development team.
So I've been working on the user analytics project for a while now and thought you guys and gals would appreciate a look behind the curtains. We've added a ton of features to our engine that all seem very straight forward and simple, but there's a lot going on under the hood and here is one example.

So the overall goal of user analytics is to record when a player does something and present it to the games maker in a way thats useful.

PA GameJam 09 Sponsor Page in WIldPockets

Below is a script and method for drawing a sponsor page on the GUI.


The first line will import the sponsorPage class. The second line will draw a GUI rect with the selected sponsor page. Pass displaySponsors a 1 to draw SponsorPage01. Pass it a 2 to draw SponsorPage02.


sponsorPageScript = import("doublemint/sponsorPage")

Trying to get my new class script working correctly

So I have written a new script class called vent, which is designed to emit collisions from any object it is placed on to, and affect an avatar that gets on top by blowing it upward. The class works as I would expect except, when I apply it to more than a single object, my collisions will always spawn from the newest object I applied the class to, instead from each individual.

My guess is it has something to with me doing this on init():

ventPos = self:getPosition()

And then this when the object is spawned: